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Women’s Day from the Man’s Perspective

In honor of Women’s Day I would like to confess that I love that Anna, my wife, is the face of our multimedia brand. Yes she does think of it like that.

There are many areas where people many confuse me as the face of this partnership, but here Anna’s gifts and talents shine. I really enjoy that people get to see our marriage and me through her exceedingly capable eyes and mind. I marvel at her efficiency to manage our brand and keep everyone up to date in her artistic and personal style.

I will try to make guest appearances every once in a while, and in the mean time trust you to the wonderful hospitality that is typed and shared by Anna’s fingers.

Chad’s story, the longer version

First off, I just want to say; proposing is a very daunting task.  Some guys may have it figured out and it may not be a big deal to them, but i imagine most guys are like me and feel a bit of terror when they think about proposing.

I knew I didn’t want to date anyone other than Anna.  So I deduced this would eventually lead to a proposal. But I had no idea how I was going to do it.

All guys everywhere know the proposal is key and how you do it is a big fat hairy deal.  All you have to do is witness one girl telling a group of girls that she is recently engaged to understand the gravity of the task to be undertaken.

I knew I wanted to give Anna a story she would love and that others would appreciate, and to be honest, if possible, I wanted to score mad points with all her friends.  Because again, as all guys everywhere know, it’s all about the points.

A social commentary aside: it’s kind of sad that proposals are such a people-pleasing activity. Because when you think about the whole pre-marriage process, that’s the one moment you have that is just the two of you. And for us guys, that’s the one moment we have, if we so choose, that is wholly determined by us. For now, it’s a society thing and I will choose to believe there has to be a good reason for us guys to go through all the sweat and angst to try and have the perfect proposal.

So here I am, terrified of failure, sitting in a perceived cauldron of boiling unspoken friends and family expectation, trying to figure out how I am going to know without a doubt that Anna is the one i want to spend the rest of my life with, and then how I am going to execute on this eventual decision.

Disclaimer: I would not sanely recommend to anyone else the path that i took, but because of God, it worked for me.

Here is my story.

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