What I’m Into / March 2015

March, I hardly knew ye.

I spent the first two weeks of March mostly at home, large and pregnant, and I’ve spent the last two weeks of March mostly at home, snuggling and feeding and changing Elijah.

That’s right, folks, we had a baby.  !!!!!

Moment 3

Elijah Graham Wastell was born Sunday, March 15. He is, in a word, adorable.

IMG_7863 IMG_7812Also exhausting and needy and very infant-y, but oh, so beautiful.  We just love him.

I’ll spare you 800 more pictures here and just send you over to my Instagram feed: @annawastell where I typically end up posting several times a day.  There’s just so much cuteness to share.

Elijah arrived with a whirlwind fitting for his name.  Read the whole birth story here.

What I’m reading & What I’m watching
Reading is proving more difficult with a newborn than I had imagined.  It seems overly luxurious to sit down with only a book in my hands.  Watching TV feels far more multi-tasking friendly, so I should probably switch to audiobooks so I don’t become the girl who watches 12 hours of Netflix a day.  On that note, oh hey, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I think I love you.  Such a fun new show, and just the perfect length for nursing E.

Little things I’m loving: new mommy edition


Food brought by others. AMEN.  Lasagna, kolaches, groceries, whatever. Food = LOVE.


Baby K’Tan.  This crazy wrap is saving our lives.  It’s easy to wear, and E loves hanging out in it.  Look mom, two hands!

IMG_8678IMG_8235Spring!  And taking walks with Elijah.  I can’t imagine trying to do these first few weeks at home in the winter.  I would go crazy, I think.


Maybe in April I’ll have ore interesting thoughts about life, but for now, I’m just going to go back to snuggling this guy and praying he sleeps well tonight.  Wish us luck.


I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer for her What I’m Into series. Hop on over to her blog for more.

5 thoughts on “What I’m Into / March 2015

  1. Lisa notes...

    Congratulations on your sweet Elijah. So beautiful! How sweet to see your husband wearing your baby. I’m very thankful for men who really get into the daddy thing. They’re catching on to how wonderful it is (and how responsible they should be, too! ha)! Visiting from Leigh Kramer’s link-up.

  2. Jackie

    Congratulations! What a sweet baby. I remember bringing home my first baby. It seems like an eternity ago. Enjoy this precious time. I love the picture of your husband baby wearing. Great teamwork. 🙂 (Stopping by from the “What I’m Into” linkup.)

  3. Abby Howe

    I wandered over from Leigh’s blog and enjoyed your post. Congratulations on your adorable new baby!


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