L1: A Very Non-Pinterest Nursery

Leather pouf? Check.  Sheep skin rug? Check.  Handmade mobile? Check.  Color-coordinated chevron clothes sizing dividers?  Check check.

Except, none of that.  Pinterest (and my Facebook feed), is bursting with well-appointed, cutesy nurseries full of beautiful (and expensive) furniture and decor.  I enjoy decorating a room as much as the next girl, and to be honest, I love baby stuff – mostly because it’s all so tiny, and tiny things are cute.

HOWEVER. We don’t know where we will be living this summer/fall.  Maybe business school, maybe a teeny tiny (cute!) apartment, maybe a different home in Omaha, maybe in our current house.  With all those maybes, it just didn’t make sense to furnish and decorate a nursery to the hilt.

Plus, I’m kind of generally annoyed by the amount (and cost) of stuff that babies “need.”  Did I register for a $35 baby tub when a $10 (or free) version would work just fine?  You bet I did, but only because it folds flat. We did buy the most amazing rocking chair, but purged and reorganized the house so I could reuse my dresser and an old bookshelf.  95% of L1’s clothes are from Buy Sell Trade groups.  And, we didn’t buy a crib.  Without knowing how much room we’ll have at our next residence, it seemed a little premature to invest in a big piece of furniture.  So, travel size Pack ‘n Play it is, at least for the first few months.  One step up from the laundry basket situation I’ve been scheming about, I figure.

L1 Nursery

Your room is all ready, kiddo.  Any time you want to join us would be just fine with me.

1 thought on “L1: A Very Non-Pinterest Nursery

  1. Joann

    I love this and I really wish more mama’s and papa’s would view the practicality of doing a nursery like this! I wish I had had enough sense to do it myself. You won’t ever regret not going into debt to provide true necessities, and baby won’t remember what the nursery looked like!


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