Quick Lit / February 2015

A quick look at books I’ve been reading recently.  (And here’s what I read last month.)  What’s on your bookshelf these days?


Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival / Jennifer Chiaverini
At the suggestion of both my mother and grandfather, oddly enough, I tried to find Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker, but my library app didn’t have it available, so I settled for this sister story about Washington’s elite.  It was enjoyable enough for historical fiction, although I have no idea how historically accurate it was.


I Did (But I Wouldn’t Now) / Cara Lockwood
A lighthearted book club pick for February.  Quick, easy reading that may have jumped the shark a time or two, but decent guilty pleasure chick lit none the less.


The Expectant Father / Brott & Ash
I have no good explanation for why the ONE Prepare for Pregnancy & Parenting book I chose read during this pregnancy was written for fathers, but here we are.  It was relatively helpful and generally approachable. I found it more humorous than I expected, which may been a result of the dad perspective.  #36weeks


I’m linking up with Anne Bogel for her Quick Lit series (formerly Twitterature). Hop on over to Modern Mrs. Darcy for more.

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