Twitterature / June 2014

I made a list of 33 things I want to do before I turn 33 in June 2014.  See the full list here.

16. Read A Year of Biblical Womanhood.  It’s easier than undertaking the adventure myself, it seems.


A Twitter-inspired look at books I’ve been reading recently.  (And here’s what I read last month.)  What’s on your bookshelf these days?


A Year of Biblical Womanhood / Rachel Held Evans
Checking this one off my 33 Before 33 list.  As a regular reader of Rachel’s blog, this felt familiar and enjoyable.  I appreciate her honesty, wit and love for scripture.


Someday, Someday Maybe / Lauren Graham
Franny navigates the pursuit of her heart and dreams in New York City.  Charming, quirky, and as delightful as I had hoped Graham’s novel would be.  An easy, breezy read.


The Slap / Christos Tsiolkas
I should have read a few more review of this one first.  I was hoping for an interesting look at humanity and society with sympathetic, likable characters. Nope.  Despite renewing the book to allow myself more time, I couldn’t bring myself to finish it.


Admission / Jean Hanff Korelitz
A book that inspired a Tina Fey + Paul Rudd movie?  YES.  But, NO.  You guys, I couldn’t even get through 3 chapters.  Life is too short to finish boring books.


Burial Rites / Hannah Kent
Dark and stormy and beautifully literary telling of a true story, set on the stark landscape of Iceland.  Haunting and eery, this book contained zero humor but was so, SO strangely enjoyable to read.


I’m linking up with Anne Bogel for her Twitterature series. Hop on over to Modern Mrs. Darcy for more.


7 thoughts on “Twitterature / June 2014

  1. Jeannie

    I read A Year of Biblical Womanhood this month too! Wasn’t it great? I loved the photos.

    The Kent novel looks really good to me. My aunt is from Iceland and while I’ve never been there I’ve always been intrigued by it.

  2. dawnomite

    I read Admission years ago before it ever became a movie. Funny, though, I never once felt like the book was a light, rom-com sort of thing. It felt very serious to me. So the movie was a weird experience.

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