Surviving No Money March

I made a list of 33 things I want to do before I turn 33 in June 2014.  See the full list here.

18.  Institute a No-Spend month.  31 days of not buying stuff.  Read this for more.


I did it!  I survived my No-Spend month!

  • I didn’t buy any clothing or shoes for myself.  We did replace Chad’s bum around the house sweatpants after he ripped an unfortunate hole in them.  Because comfy pants are considered a necessity around here.
  • I didn’t buy any home decor or throw pillows, or even go to Home Goods just to look.
  • I didn’t buy any craft supplies or books or clearance necklaces or makeup or other super fun but unnecessary Target splurges.
  • In fact, I didn’t go to Target at all.  The whole month.  This alone should be celebrated.
  • I didn’t spend my little Starbucks budget on lazy solo trips – I used it on visits with friends. Okay, truth?  I did once dig spare change out of my car to buy myself a Bad Day Starbucks.  It was Secret Starbucks at the time, but I’ll come clean here.
  • I DID actually manage to clean out my refrigerator, organize my freezer and purge my itty-bitty pantry of out of date food (Clam sauce from 2008?  How was that still in there? And why did my husband ever buy clam sauce?)

Overall, I’m calling it a success.  Hooray.

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