What I’m Into / March 2014

March came in like a cold, wet, angry lion and today, at least, is going out like a frolicking springy lamb. 
We’re ignoring the snow in the forecast for Friday, mkay? I just refuse.


Mom came to Omaha for a short visit to help me cross the task of Baking Bread off my 33 Before 33 list.  We had such a lovely time together. I should be so lucky to age with such grace and beauty.


We followed the m-bird clouds home after spending a few days in Canada.  The few-and-far-between Starbucks along I-29 and I are getting to know each other quite well.  BjRSj15IUAAFUFk


Chad and I spent a lovely weekend in Denver with a buddy of ours, hiking a bit, eating a lot, trying all the beers and talking about all of the things.  I love going places with him.

What I’m reading
I linked up with Modern Mrs. Darcy to share books I’m reading in Twitter-inspired fashion. This month’s reads included The Husband’s Secret, The Magician’s Assistant, A Bride Most Begrudging, and Three Wishes.  Overall, I was not impressed.  Hopefully April’s selections will do better.

What I’m watching
I’m so happy to have my shows back!  Chad and I are all caught up on Scandal, and I’m still keeping up with Grey’s and Nashville.  Also unashamedly binge-watching Dance Academy during the dreaded laundry-folding.  You gotta do what you gotta do.

Around the web

I actually took this e-course in February, but the awesome community of women I connected with during the course has remained a tremendous source of encouragement, support and laughter, as we all navigate love and making it.  You (women) should totally take the course, too.  She’s even working on a course for engaged ladies and single women, too.  Sign up sign up!

Little things I’m loving

photoSpringtime shoes with no socks!  The best.  Please excuse the ridiculous creamy pale whiteness.


I got new glasses, which I just adore, and which also manage to make me look just like my 9-year old self.


Fancy drinks!  We attended a craft bartending event this past weekend that was SO cool.  And delicious.

EDITED TO ADD:  And, I met my long-distance bestie’s long-distance boyfriend.  He’s pretty great.  They should both probably just move back to Omaha.  The end.

Adventures in Piggery


We celebrated National Ag Day/Week and I rounded up a bunch of my favorite aggie shots.  So pretty.
And I’m so grateful to those who work hard to provide a safe, abundant food supply for the world.


I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer for her What I’m Into series. Hop on over to her blog for more.

9 thoughts on “What I’m Into / March 2014

  1. daisyeyes

    visiting from Leah Kramer…love the time of year when I can walk around without socks! and I’ve got the creamy not-seen-the-sun-for-days going on too!

    1. awastell Post author

      Leigh, it was SO fun. There were probably 20 bars from around town that each had little booths set up, and were making 2 craft cocktails each (little 1 oz samples – still a lot of booze!). It was so fun to chat with the bartenders about the drinks they had chosen. I don’t normally order craft cocktails when we go out (scared I won’t like my $12 drink…) so it was super fun to sample a whole bunch of things. They said it will be an annual event – Omaha is beautiful in the spring!


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