Twitterature / March 2014

A Twitter-inspired look at books I’ve been reading recently.  (And here’s what I read last month.)  What’s on your bookshelf these days?


The Husband’s Secret / Liane Moriarty
An enjoyable and curious read of intertwined lives, with just enough depth and redemption. Flowed a bit like a made-for-tv-movie for me (and that’s not always a bad thing). Classic book club fare.


The Magician’s Assistant / Ann Patchett
A languidly paced, complex story that unfortunately held not enough magic for me.  Patchett does set a scene exquisitely, but to this Nebraska girl, she didn’t do the Midwest justice.


A Bride Most Begrudging / Deeanne Gist
Easy, cheesy Christian historical fiction at its finest.  Full of colonial anachronisms, fiery tobacco brides and redundant plot lines.  Yet, somehow still enjoyable for a weekend read.

9780060586133Three Wishes / Liane Moriarty
A joyful, big-hearted story of family dysfunction, really.  Moriarty’s first novel drags a bit in places and I found myself annoyed a bit with some of the characters, but still a decent light read.

April, let’s do better.  


I’m linking up with Anne Bogel for her Twitterature series. Hop on over to Modern Mrs. Darcy for more.


4 thoughts on “Twitterature / March 2014

  1. dawnomite

    I recently read The Husband’s Secret and I liked it. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. 🙂

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