Three Special Steps

Three special steps, that’s all you need!  Three special steps and you will succeed.  Step one: Fill an ice cube tray with juice!  Step two:  add toothpicks!  Step three:  freeze your juice pops!

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My niece’s little song played over and over in my mind as I sat in the waiting room.  It’s virtually impossible to get unstuck from your head.  Sorry about that.  If only it was all as easy as making juice pops, right?

I took a big, brave step this week.  A different step than I’ve taken before.  I started counseling.  It’s not unique, it’s not earth-shattering, but for me, it’s big.

It’s a step towards shaking off this unwelcome weight of anxiety that’s been hanging around lately.  A step towards replacing the tapes, to not listening to the lies I believe about myself.  A step towards pushing back against all-too familiar feelings of self blame.

I’ve noticed for a while some reactions and trends in my thinking that don’t feel healthy. I’ve noticed some places feel a little more broken and bruised than usual. A little more tender and raw. And honestly, some days I feel stuck there. So it’s time to take a step. A step towards caring for myself a little differently.

A step towards learning a different way to claim grace and growth and truth for my life.


In 2014, I’m reclaiming (and writing about) the word GRACE with OneWord 365.  Read more here.   

17 thoughts on “Three Special Steps

  1. Common pater

    I congratulate you, Anna. Seems like an odd choice of words, but I do. And as always, I wish you well on your journey. And I love you, so very much… Dad

  2. Jennifer Dewey Rohrich

    Proud of you for taking initiative and not being afraid to take the first step!!! There are some many of us that go around living our lives full of things that just need to come out. A spiritual and mental cleansing is sometimes necessary. And so glad you blogged about this! So many are amashed to say “I need help” and that is okay!! Afterall, we all need help, every single day, from above! 😉 I wish you all the best in purging out the things that need to be purged and continuing onto making a better spiritual and emotional YOU! 🙂

  3. Seester

    Thanks for your honesty, thanks for the Agent Oso earwig song, thanks for being you the best way you can figure out how.

  4. Micah Yost

    You’re awesome for doing this and more awesome for posting about it. I wish we all could be that transparent. This is a big deal, but at the same time, maybe it’s not. So many of us (me included) have gotten some counseling, and many more of us should. Maybe one day “getting counseling” won’t have to be such a “abnormal” type of thing.

    1. awastell Post author

      That’s exactly why I decided to post about it. I know that lots of my friends have been in counseling for one thing or another, and I’ve never thought less of them for it. In fact, I’ve been really proud of them. But there definitely is a stigma around it, especially in some evangelical circles. So the blog and facebook was about as public as I could make it. It should never be something to be ashamed of, I don’t think.

  5. Kelly M. Rivard (@KMRivard)

    Thank you for writing this.

    I’m re-entering therapy on Thursday. I’m terrified to go back. Logically, I know it’ll be good. But, i needed this. I take it as a sign — God really does give us what we need when we need it.

    Thank you.

  6. Sarah Campbell

    Hey lady! Love it! Not that the lies have been louder lately, but that you recognize them as what they are and don’t want to let them win. I’m in a similar process and don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t done what you are doing. People tell me that I am brave for going to counseling, that it is the harder route and takes more courage than just pressing on with life as usual. Doesn’t always feel like it but maybe they are right:) So, congrats on taking the steps that are not the easy ones to take. It may hurt more before it gets better, but it will get better. Many friends told me that and I am glad they did because it did hurt much more at first. God knows what he is doing when he leads us to painful places, though. Praying for you as we both take the more difficult route. 🙂

  7. Scott

    Anna, I’m regularly amazed and envious at your ability to always strive to improve yourself and the world around you. Like others have said, it’s sad there’s such stigma around counseling (it was great for me, and I learned just how many people use it). With the energy you put into things, I am sure you will get great things out of it.
    I’m also sorry you’re feeling in a funk, and Shoshy and I are always here for you (coffee, cheese, conversation?).

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