Breweries in Benson

I made a list of 33 things I want to do before I turn 33 in June 2014.  See the full list here.

8.  Try one new Omaha bar or restaurant each month.  We love our city, but tend to go to our old favorite places all the time.  Time to branch out.  (see new restaurants #1-3)

Benson is a historic neighborhood in Omaha, just about a mile from our house.  It’s a quirky little place, full of live music venues, cigar bars, coffee shops and restaurants.  Two local breweries have opened up recently and we tried both in December.

Benson Brewery – new restaurant #5

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 12.13.48 PM

We popped in the Benson Brewery one night with a co-worker.  I wasn’t very hungry so I just got the olive plate and fries.  So healthy right?  I didn’t love the olives as they had been soaked in a beer brine, and I thought that taste over powered the olives themselves, but our colleague really enjoyed them.  I did love my fries, and the malt vinegar they’re served with, as well as the bit of cheese and bread that came with the olives.


The Wagyu burger was a hit with the men, with bacon and a fried egg on top.  They also both enjoyed their beer, although I have no idea what they got.  An IPA maybe?  I’m so bad with my craft beers.  Really need to rectify that.

Overall, I’d give it a thumbs up.  I’d like to try their chicken pot pie and pork belly sandwich on a day when I have a bigger appetite (pretty much any other day of my life).  I would note, however, that the lights seemed very bright for evening dining.  A bit less light would have upped the ambiance considerably, I thought.   We actually tried to make a return visit last week, but there was a wait for a table, which led us a couple blocks down the street to…

Infusion Brewing Co. – new restaurant #6


Infusion is more tap room and less restaurant, with only a few deli selections and individual pizzas on the food menu.   I tried the Unclearly Wheat, the only type of beer I’m ever comfortable ordering off a craft menu.  It was good, with a bit of a sweeter edge than Boulevard.  Chad had a holiday special, with notes of nutmeg and other seasonal spices.

photo[1]Our pizzas were just okay.  I think we both would have preferred a meat & veggie combo, but they just offer meat or veggie.  The spent grain crust was alright, but a little overdone.  As with Benson Brewery, I thought the lights were turned up way too high for evening.  Give me some atmosphere, people!  

Despite our stops at two breweries this month, neither of us are big beer drinkers, and I don’t know if we’ll return to Infusion anytime soon.  I would recommend it to a beer aficionado based on the beer, but not for dinner.


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