What I’m Into / November 2013

Edited because TV! How could I forget?

November was a whirlwind month, with getting ready to go on vacation, wrapping up some big projects at work, and hosting several guests in our home.  Autumn is my favorite season of all, with the grey skies and turning leaves, and November’s colors didn’t disappoint. I wondered if it was autumn in Horeb when Moses saw the burning bush, and I’m pretty sure God is in the fiery leaves in our neighborhood, too.


We kicked off the month with new iPads and stood in line on iPad day, cause we’re crazy people.  IMG_9466

iPad day was also Red Cup Day, plus our two year anniversary on the 4th.  So much to celebrate!  I’m so thankful for Chad and our marriage and all the hard and beautiful. We tried (and loved) a new restaurant downtown and had quite a lovely date night.



One of the best things about traveling for work is we occasionally end up in cities where our friends live. We were able to spend a night in Chicago in November and saw several good friends, including Ranae. So good to see her!  Love this girl.

What I’m reading
I’ve churned my way through several novels on the road this month, including The Art Forger (Shapiro), The Dinner (Koch), The Winter Palace (Stachniak) and The Memory Thief (Colin). The Winter Palace was probably my favorite, although my crush on all things tsarist Russian probably influenced that. I’m really enjoying the Overdrive app. There’s a lot of popular books that aren’t available, but that makes me choose lesser-known reads and branch out from the best seller list a bit.  I’ve read two Susan Wiggs novels on the trip, and I just bought Jen Hatmaker’s Seven on Kindle sale a few days ago, so hopefully I’ll get through that in December.

What I’m watching
Husband and I watch Scandal together, and we just finished Orange is the New Black (so good!). I’ve been keeping up with Grey’s, Nashville, and a slew of ABC Family Original movies while I fold laundry. Can’t wait to get lost in all the fake boyfriends and family drama of bad Christmas movies. More cheese = more better.

Little things I’m loving
My black boots. I forfeited my Secret Dollars (my small personal discretionary budget, for which I owe Chad no explanation for how I spend it) for two months to buy a pair of black riding boots this fall. And I love them. Totally worth the Secret Dollar sacrifice.

My new iPad Mini. It’s small and cute and has a pretty red cover. And it fits perfectly in my purse and it’s easier to hold. Love it.

All Christmas music all the time. ‘Tis the season (finally) and I’m all about it.

Instagram. I used to use it just for a photo filter, but I recently turned my feed public (@annawastell) and it’s so fun.

Adventures in Piggery
We wrapped up a photo shoot, toured a handful of South Americans around a farm in Illinois, took a long drive to Ohio & Kentucky, and Chad spent a long day fixing feeders in an Iowa barn while I fought a slow data connection and tried to send emails.  This is our life.



We left on the 20th, bound for Ireland, Scotland, England and Holland.  Part vacation and part work.  We spent Thanksgiving in St Andrews, Scotland, visiting an old friend who is studying under NT Wright.  All kinds of jealous over here.  It was fun to celebrate the holiday with an American, and we had some great discussions about life and faith and theology.  IMG_9764

We’re back in Homaha on Friday. It will be good to be home.


I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer for her What I’m Into series, which celebrates its birthday this month. Hop on over to her blog for more.

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