Throwback Thursday

I made a list of 33 things I want to do before I turn 33 in June 2014.  See the full list here.

30.  Organize the photos on my old laptop.  It’s about to die and I don’t want my pictures to die with it.

Ranae AnnaCheck out this gem, you guys.  Ranae & me, circa 2007.  We were at a bridal shop, helping a friend find a wedding dress.  Clearly a football Saturday, as we’re rocking team colors from our favorite teams.  Short hair, plastic earrings! and a non-iphone selfie.  Ah, the good old days.

I got all the photos from my old laptop moved to an external hard drive and organized by month and year.  I had originally thought about categorizing them further, but EXHAUSTION.  I’m calling it good.

I love old pictures and I’m glad I got life from 2006-2010 saved before the laptop dies.  The end.

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