For your enjoyment

5 things I’m enjoying around the internet.

Pumpkin beer bread.  Autumn, beer and bread.  3 of my favorite things.  What’s not to love?

The Marriage Diaries.  This series at Let Why Lead is more of an “excited for” rather than an “already enjoying, but I can already tell it’ll be good.

To make you feel my love. I’ve loved this song ever since Hope Floats and Harry Connick, Jr., and this rendition by Lea Michele on Glee this week is just lovely.

Understanding what happened.  The huge loss of cattle in South Dakota’s blizzard last weekend was staggering and heartwrenching for those farmers.  Here, understand how it happened.

Addie Zierman.  Her new book, When We Were on Fire, is about untangling herself from a cliche of 90s evangelicalism and discovering a faith worth embracing.  I’m participating in a synchro-blog next week in celebration of the book’s release.

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