Catching up: Fair time!

I made a list of 33 things I want to do before I turn 33 in June 2014.  See the full list here.

7.  Go to the fair.  Corn dogs and cowboys and they call the thing rodeo.

I grew up attending the Dickinson County Fair each August.  The fair was always the last hurrah before school started.  The Demolition Derby was always too loud and scary to be enjoyable, but I loved a good rodeo.  Mom and Dad always let us go on a few rides and a snow cone or funnel cake or some other otherwise forbidden treat.  Sugar and cowboys and spinny rides, oh my!

fair 5

Chad and I got to go to the Clay County (Iowa) Fair earlier this month with some friends who live there in Spencer.  It calls itself the best county fair in the nation.  It was pretty good, but I don’t know about the best.  Chad and I explored the animals on our own and then we joined Joel & Kari and their kiddos for dinner on the midway.

Fair 3

The baby alpaca in  Grandpa’s Barn won our prize for most fluffy.  We also saw a baby calf, chicks and little goats.

Fair 2

Madison (age 12) and her prize-winning carcass hog.

Fair 4

We enjoyed sweet corn deep fried in butter (SO good), fried pickles, pulled pork, a loaded baked potato and nitrogen ice cream.

Fair 1I’m glad I got to go to a fair this year.  Late summer will always make me nostalgic for the smell of fried dough and hay, the snort of a cow in a fair barn, and midway lights glowing in the night sky.

See more fair pictures here.

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