Eastern Tour

Chad and I spent last week on the east coast for work.

photo 1

We love Southwest.  Really.  We flew into Philly and promptly ate a cheese steak.  Cause that’s what you do.


Did you know about this cheese sauce situation?  Amazing.  Heart attack, but amazing.

We had meetings in Pennsylvania and drove around Lancaster a bit.


Downtown Lancaster was really pretty.  The buildings were OLD.


Our boss Todd wanted to take this barn home.


We sat on these cute rocking chairs and took this cute picture.


But first we accomplished this masterpiece.

pic collage

Just keeping it real here, folks.

We drove through Maryland and West Virginia (new states!) to Virginia to check on an installation of some sow equipment.


The scenery was beautiful.  Fall is my favorite season.


Pumpkin everything is just icing on the cake.



The Shenandoah Valley was just breathtaking.  I can’t imagine how pretty it would be in a few weeks when the leaves have changed.


We had some awesome BBQ in Virginia while we were checking on a sow equipment installation, then saw Sarah & Josh and the littles.  Those girls need their own post.

A quick trip to Wilmington to see a business contact / friend / mentor meant a visit to the beach, and we even got to see my dear college roommate for an evening.


It was a really long week but a good trip.


Blurry and tired and happy, with the one I love.

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