New restaurant #3

I made a list of 33 things I want to do before I turn 33 in June 2014.  See the full list here.

8.  Try one new Omaha bar or restaurant each month.  We love our city, but tend to go to our old favorite places all the time.  Time to branch out.

One of my best besties was in town last week and we wanted pizza to celebrate.  Pitch was closed for a private party, so we headed to Baxter’s in Benson.  Baxter’s opened last December but I actually just heard about it, and I’m SUPER glad I did.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg(Photos from Facebook)

Baxter’s is named after an old Benson auto dealership, and old photos line the walls of the small tiny eatery.  I’ve read some reviews online saying it was pricey, but Chad and I each got a combo (Slice + Tots or Salad + Drink) plus an extra order of the new mini puffy breadstick bites for $17, which seems like a good deal to me.   The wine was a little spendy but not unreasonable at $7 a glass.

I really liked my mushroom pizza with goat cheese and herbs, and Chad and R enjoyed their slices as well.  The slices are a generous size, but without a side I would have wanted  a second slice.  The tots were good, although we agreed we prefer our home-grilled version better.  The salad was fresh and pretty big for a side portion, with plenty of dried cranberries, croutons and a nice Italian dressing.

However, the breadstick bites were hands down the best part of the meal.  At only $3, they were hot and perfectly doughy/garlicky/cheesy deliciousness.  They puffed up so they weren’t too heavy, and the housemade marinara was great with them.

Baxter’s, we’ll definitely be back.  R, come visit again soon.

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