For your enjoyment

Six things I’ve been enjoying around the internet.

Very Important Notice:  You guys.  Husker football kicks off next week.  GO BIG RED!

80s wedding awesomeness: The puffier the sleeves, the better the marriage.

Personal branding and knowing who you really are: We are not our messages, no matter how much we believe in them.

Thanks and you’re welcome, McDonalds:  I’m thankful for any reminder to the public that farmers work hard to feed the world.

Cheesy Corn Cakes:  I love cornbread, but it takes SO long to bake.  Love these quick pan-fry corn cakes as an alternative!

Historic photos, now with color:  Sometimes I forget that life back then actually happened in color.

1 thought on “For your enjoyment

  1. Common pater

    Life may have been in color “back then,” but it got brighter when you came along…


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