For your enjoyment

Five Six things I’m enjoying around the internets.

How clutter affects the brain: Feeling motivated to clean out another closet or drawer.

Just your average Barbie: In case you missed it when this went viral last week – here’s what Barbie would look like if she looked a little more  like the rest of us.

Render unto Caesar: A thought-provoking look at taxes and morality.  Yes, you should read it anyway.

National Dairy Day:  One of the funniest posts about cows I’ve ever read, by Dairy Carrie.

An atheist talks about the pope:  A really interesting perspective on the new pope.

WHOA!: In honor of the impending Royal Baby due date, I give you Babies Experiencing Things for the First Time.  Absolutely delightful, and no, this is not remotely a pregnancy announcement of our own.  

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