There’s no place like home

As we drove south, the corn turned to golden fields of wheat.

Photo Jul 05, 6 55 07 PM

We had to stop to take pictures.

Photo Jul 05, 6 55 48 PM

And by we, I mean me.  I was lucky to marry such a patient man.


Welcome to Chapman.


She’s a one stoplight town.


Just a blinking red at that.


But it’s home.


I can be a little overly nostalgic about my childhood, or so says my husband. Gotta make sure everything at home is in the right place.


Mom somehow manages to keep the piano dusted. All.the.time. She’s amazing.


The aloe plant in case of a burn. Safety first, ladies and gentlemen.


These World Books circa 1986 answered many a dinnertime question before Google.
“I don’t know, go get an encyclopedia. Try P, and maybe bring the G, too.”


All the pretty little heirlooms.


Bright flowers on the porch.


I even found the farm we had when we were kids. Early influence for my current career.


We took Chad on a tour of the DK County countryside. Old family land / now CRP.

Photo Jul 07, 3 46 46 PM

Such a great weekend. I’m lucky to have so many places to call home.

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