33 before 33

Some personal, some professional, some spiritual, some practical.  Stay tuned for updates on things I want to do before my next birthday.

  1. Make yeast dough from scratch.  My mom makes wonderful bread and cinnamon rolls, but I’m terrified of baking.
  2. Have coffee with a vegan.  I’ve never really sat down and had a conversation with a well-informed non-animal-product-person before.  It’s not my position, but I’d like to better understand it.
  3. Travel abroad.  This girl’s got some wanderlust, and Canada doesn’t count.  We’ve been planning a hypothetical trip for a while now and we need to book it! (Booked! Part 1 Part 2)
  4. Tour a dairy farm.  I’ve never been on one as an adult, and I want to see how the operation works.
  5. Get our carpet cleaned.  A few years of normal wear and tear plus several construction projects have left it in rough shape.
  6. Take a cooking class with Chad.  Super fun date night, am I right?
  7. Go to the fair.  Corn dogs and cowboys and they call the thing rodeo.
  8. Try one new Omaha bar or restaurant each month.  We love our city, but tend to go to our old favorite places all the time.  Time to branch out.
  9. Tour a feed lot.  See #4.
  10. Send one snail mail card each month.  Between my grandmas and all my friends scattered about, I’ve got quite a few options. (10 of 12)
  11. Keep our hydrangeas alive.  Easier said than done.  I kill things.
  12. List our spare bedrooms on Air B&B.  We have a lot of extra space in this house.
  13. Go wine tasting locally.  We’ve got the Groupon, just need to get our wine on.
  14. Take meals to 5 new mommies.  Are you having a baby?  I want to bring you food. (5 of 5)
  15. Visit an open air hog farm.  I support a farmer’s choice to raise animals the way they want (as long as they’re healthy and well cared for), and I’d like to experience how the other half lives.
  16. Read A Year of Biblical Womanhood.  It’s easier than undertaking the adventure myself, it seems.
  17. Tour a poultry farm.  See #4.
  18. Institute a No-Spend month.  31 days of not buying stuff.  Read this for more.
  19. Try a Vegetarian/Vegan experiment.  We eat a lot of animal protein in this house.  Bacon.  Cheese.  Beef.  Pork.  Cheese.  Chicken.  Milk.  Cheese.
  20. Finish Project 4:4.  Amen.
  21. Purge/organize our books.  Deep breath.
  22. Grill a pizza without tears.  I realize this does not seem difficult.  But attempts #1 and #2 last summer were disastrous.  I’m blaming the humidity.
  23. Finish decorating the basement family room.  Hang curtains, hang some art.  I’ve got a Pinterest board and everything.
  24. Attempt to join a Journey Group.  Our schedule may make this difficult, but we’re big fans of intentional community.
  25. Visit Amish country.  I have a lifelong crush on Amish culture.  Similar to my obsession with Laura Ingalls growing up.
  26. Make a pie.  I really need to conquer my fear of baking.
  27. Purge my Facebook friends.  I’m up over 1,000 again and that’s just ridiculous.
  28. Touch up paint around house.  A small container of paint and a Q-tip will go a long way around this place.
  29. Attend at least one show at the Orpheum.  We’re classy and cultured, man.
  30. Organize the photos on my old laptop.  It’s about to die and I don’t want my pictures to die with it.
  31. Practice hospitality.  Invite people over, don’t worry about how clean the house is.
  32. Develop a skin care routine.  Or at least start taking off my makeup before I go to bed.  I KNOW.
  33. Love my husband every day.

38 thoughts on “33 before 33

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  25. arendadehaan

    That’s quite the list, Anna (my favourite’s got to be #33)! Perhaps Annie’s Eats could help with #26? Her apple pie recipe is easy to follow and delish!

    1. awastell Post author

      Thanks for stopping by! I’ll have to check out that recipe. Hoping I can tap into my mother-in-law’s expertise on that one, too.

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