Birthday revelry

Growing up, it was always a friendly mini-competition to see who could stretch out their birthday the furthest.  Grandma sends a card early?  Points!  A friend drops off a present late?  Points!  I can’t get home until 2 weeks after my birthday?  I win!  It was a fun game, but it also helped take the importance off the exact day, and help us focus on enjoying all the small moments of celebration along the way.   That’s one of the things my parents do best, honestly – find joy in the little things.

My 32 birthday week was filled with official celebration and small happy moments.  It was a pretty great birthday.


A restaurant named Olives in Mankato MN?  You need to go to there.  It was delicious.


When we get tired of eating at restaurants, a Thursday hotel picnic is always a good idea.


Hi, cute little pig guy!


Berries make the best road trip snacks.


Even the clouds were pretty.


Birthday snow cones.  It’s a tradition now.


French Bulldog for dinner on Saturday.


The Limone cocktail was fantastic.  Now to make me some limoncello…


A big platter of cheese and salami and bread?  Happiest girl in the world.


See?  So happy.


We love each other.


Wine and dessert at Mark’s.  Best patio in town.

And, Sunday, enjoying a beverage by a friend’s pool.  Never mind my frightening pale leg.

The good times keep rolling this week with a roommate reunion, 4th of July, and a trip home to Chapman for the weekend.  Life is beautiful.

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