For your enjoyment

Five things I’m enjoying around the internets.  Click on the bold type  for links.

Ari in Africa:  A fascinating Tumblr about the President’s trip to Africa, by NPR correspondant Ari Shapiro.

Our Marriage Project:  Well, not ours.  This 365 day blog about the first year of marriage is new-to-me, and I especially enjoyed reading through their Sunday Letters.

FLOTUS on Instagram: I anticipate her new Instagram account will highlight cardigans, family dinners, and photo bombs by the girls.

Bloody Mary:  I’ve never liked tomato juice (still don’t) so I’ve always wrinkled my nose at Bloody Marys.  However, earlier this spring I was shown the error of my ways, and I’ve recently been experimenting with perfecting an at-home recipe, starting with this one from Epicurious.  Bring on the celery.  And olives.  And pickles.  Yum.  

A Beautiful Mess photo app:  Great fonts and fun doodles to add to iPhone pictures. Totally worth the $.99.  Now your photos can say “Hey, cows” too.  What could be better?


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