Summer Solstice

Thanks to large windows, vaulted ceilings and terrible vent placement/circulation, our house gets very warm in hot weather.  Turning the oven on raises the temperature of the house by several uncomfortable degrees.  So, in celebration of summer solstice 2013 this weekend, I’ve decided I’m not going to bake anything until it cools off a bit outside.  See ya in September, Hot Dish.  

Please note that using the oven’s Broil setting for nachos is still totally acceptable.  

Here’s some of the freshness we’ll be eating this summer, in addition to copious amounts of the European staple of bread+cheese+wine and the ever popular popcorn+wine combo.

Summer 1Summer 2Chinese spinach salad, fish tacos, grilled veggies with everything, lemon-thyme grilled chicken salad, grilled potato salad, BBQ shrimp, flank steak & plum salad, chicken nicoise.

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