New Bathrooms

The day we got back from our honeymoon, the shower in our master bathroom started leaking. Chad & I may have said, “I do,” but his house said, “Noooooooope!” to me living there. Or at least to me using the master bath.

We started some demo in our bathroom plus the upstairs guest bath, and they looked like this for forever too long a while.


We disagreed on how much money to spend on the renovation. Chad wanted high end finishes to go with the rest of the house; I didn’t want to put a bunch of money into a place that’s not our “forever” home. Chad wanted to let things progress slowly, I wanted to get some small fixes done NOW and call it good. We stalled, consulted some trusted advisors (including a pair of architects), stalled some more, received an unexpected financial bonus, and ended up doing things Chad’s way. I was wrong on this one. And really, it’s a good thing I was.

18 months later, we have new custom vanities, new tile floors, a heated floor and new (huge) shower for the master, a new tub surround for upstairs, new fixtures and new art. And I LOVE it all.





Bathroom Bathroom 2 Bathroom 1May I never be too proud to say I was wrong, or to enjoy my new heated floors.

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