Don’t believe the hype

A memo to myself.

A guy I follow on Twitter posted earlier today “Don’t believe the hype.  The number of fans, followers, and friends you have online DOES matter.”  (This guy works in social media and communications and I’ve appreciated his insight in the past).  He then proceeded to get in a possibly heated conversation (hard to tell on Twitter) with a girl that also follows him about whether or not having a lot of followers makes you more interesting.  This guy believes it does.  Really actually believes that the more people who follow you on Twitter, the more interesting of a person you are likely to be.  He believes it matters.

I’m here to remind myself and you that this simply is not true.

You’re not funnier or smarter or more important or more significant if lot of people follow you on Twitter.  It’s an easy game to buy in to, I’ll admit.  The day that Ann Voskamp retweeted me?  SQUEE.  When Sarah Bessey, my favorite Jesus Feminist replied to a tweet of mine about her blog?  I DIE.  Being recognized, being heard, being followed online, it all feels good.  But it doesn’t make you interesting.  It doesn’t really actually matter.

What does matter?  Being a child of God.  Relationships.  Community.  What does matter?  Extending grace.  Being thankful.  What does matter?  Acting justly.  Loving mercy.  Walking humbly.

Sometimes I forget.

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