Other projects

Just in case you can’t get enough of me here.

I love Omaha.  Love it.  It’s the perfect city for me – the right size for me with great things to do and places to eat and community to be part of and we get all four seasons, which I love.  There’s amazing people here doing amazing things, and one of those is Micah, my friend and former co-worker.  He (and I) believes strongly in the power of storytelling to connect and inspire, and he’s launching a movement to do just that.  I’m proud to be a small part of the I Am Omaha project.

I’m also excited to now be blogging for Gro Master.  Since we’re a small, family-owned business, I’ll be blogging as myself, with my voice, instead of as The Man.  Gro Master’s customers will get to hear some of the stories of traveling with Chad, my fresh (don’t know much yet) perspective on the hog industry, and pictures of piggies that you’ve been enjoying.  So head over there for my full report on World Pork Expo, if that’s your thing.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be posting here at Team Wastell about our life, marriage and other adventures, with the occasional piglet.  Cause they’re cute.

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