Adventuring in Iowa

It’s World Pork Expo week.  WPX is the world’s largest pork-specific tradeshow, and it’s kind of a big deal.  Gro Master and Crystal Spring, the hog equipment company/Hutterite colony that manufactures our products, set up a big ol’ booth, so we had to bring a straight truck to Des Moines.  A 26-foot, whopping 8 MPG, bigger than my first apartment gentle ride truck.  Van – I’m sorry.  UHaul, you’re confused. 
truck 1

The thing is a beast.  And “Gentle-Ride” is a very very very very generous statement.
We bounced and rattled down I-80, which is not as smooth as one might think.

photo 2[1]

Iowa, you have such nice rest areas.  Best in the country, I’d say.

photo 2[2]

I love going places with him.  Stay tuned for more adventures.

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