Life lately

I love spring.  We went from winter to summer in 2 weeks – it snowed, and then 12 days later it was 100 degrees – no joke.  But late May seems to have settled into appropriately seasonal weather.  The sunshine, lilacs, blossoming trees and trail running (ahem) has been good for my soul.

PicMonkey CollageYou know what’s also good for the soul?  Humility.  And nothing says humble pie like doing laundry in a truck stop.  Yep.  We were in Illinois helping a customer, and ended up staying an extra 2 nights.  So, gotta do laundry.  I bummed a cup of laundry detergent from a nice man who was also doing laundry, and someone left behind dryer sheets, so  $3 in quarters later, we were in business.  Honestly, I don’t really mind doing laundry at a truck stop.  Or showering there.  I get a lot of raised eyebrows whenever I mention it, but it’s safe, generally clean, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to clean up after a day in a hog barn.  And, it makes me even more thankful for our new shower (!! pictures coming soon) when we get home.  It’s definitely different, but it really is okay.

PicMonkey Collage LaundryWe were near Des Moines close to lunchtime last week, so we stopped downtown at Fong’s Pizza.  We had tried to go for dinner previously, but didn’t have time to wait for a table.  We ordered the Crab Rangoon pizza (natch).  Delish.

PicMonkey Collage DSMAlso, we got to have Giordano’s!  We were close-ish to Chicago so we popped into the city to have dinner with a friend.  My waistline can only handle Chicago-style deep dish pizza every few months, but MAN that’s good stuff.


And, because they’re just so darn cute, these guys.  Those ears!


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