Crystal Spring

Crystal Spring is a Hutterite colony in southern Manitoba that makes A) the hog feeders that Gro Master sells and B) world-class homemade jam.  And pickles.  And bread.  Mmmmm.

The short story:  Jonathan (a Hutterite) met Marvin (my father-in-law) 26 years ago and convinced him to get a few US customers to try out this new wet-dry feeder.  It was a smashing success and they’ve been business partners and buddies ever since.

Our week was filled with meetings and meals and long talks and snacks and memories and family and BBQ.

Crystal 6Little Chad front-and-center with his parents and some Crystal guys, circa 1990.  Jonathan & Marvin now – love those grins.

Crystal 1

The Crystal Spring Hog Equipment shop.  Manitoba’s idea of spring.  Freeze-dried laundry.  A tri-plex home on the colony.

Crystal 2

Front doors all look alike so the name plates tell you who lives there. Table set for snack.  Pickles & relishes.  By His hands we all are fed.  

Jonathan’s daughter, Anita, married Tom, who is now the shop manager of Crystal Spring Hog Equipment.  Tom and Chad are good friends and we love their family dearly.  And their kiddos are adorable.

Crystal 3

Alanah age 7 / trying to teach me German.  Markus age 5 / sweet talking an orange from Tom.  Joel age almost-3 / finding Waldo.  Avalyn age >1 / cuddling with Anita.

Crystal 4

Alanah & Anna.  Mark and “his” iPad.  Joel rocking his ninja skills.  Avalyn thought Chad was hi.larious.

Crystal 5

Jonathan’s laugh is just great.  Rebecca and Avalyn.

Crystal 7

Hutterites eat common meals together; women on one side of the room and men on the other.  Ribs.  Crystal 8

Poutine.  Canada is phasing out the penny.  Seriously, spring?  We love each other.

Oh, Canada!

3 thoughts on “Crystal Spring

  1. sarah

    So glad you are getting to adventure together! Can’t wait til your adventures bring you to NC!! P.S. bring your shorts…it’s actually spring here!

  2. Jodi

    Hey, you were in my province again! Google maps tells me that Crystal Spring Colony is only a bit over an hour from my place. When will you be there again? We should really get together.

    1. awastell Post author

      Jodi! I would love to get together. We will probably be up at Crystal Spring 3-4 times per year. I don’t have an email address for you though… I’m anna dot wastell at gmail dot com.


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