Anything + Broccoli

Last night was an Anything + Broccoli night. A Hy-Vee fried chicken + broccoli night to be exact. Meal planning, being organized, grocery shopping, folding laundry, generally feeling normal about life has gone out the window and a baseline of stress has set in. The only thing in the refrigerator was broccoli.

But it’s only a season. Just have to get through the end of April. At the end of April, see, I’ll be done with my job at Christ Community Church. Yep. I quit my job. Well, I’m in the process of quitting.

Chad was offered the opportunity to take a new position as Director of Business Development (fancy, huh?) with Gro Master, one that would require him to be on the road visiting dealers and customers 3 or 4 days each week. At first we said no. He travels a bit right now, maybe one or two nights a month, but every week? I know some marriages survive long deployments and separation, but I wouldn’t choose that for my life if I don’t have to.

But then we remembered all the conversations we’ve had, all the If Onlys. If only I could travel with Chad.

It became clear that I could fill a role at Gro Master as Director of Marketing, handling marketing (obvs) and developing training materials and the website and all the things I love to do. And I could travel with Chad. I once (or twice) said I’d never work for Gro Master. I should probably learn not to say “never.”

So, at the end of April I’m done at CCC. I love this job. I love my boss and coworkers. It’s equal parts wonderful and hard working at church. (My pastor is my CEO is my pastor.) But I will miss it.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been taking time off to go on the road with Chad, visiting dealers and solving all sorts of customer problems in Small Town, USA. On-the-job industry training, basically. I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve been able to check several things off my “never thought I’d do that” bucket list. Like staying at the only operating hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (who is only sometimes confused in my mind with Andrew Lloyd Weber), sitting on the floor of a hog barn and playing with an injured baby pig, and showering in a truck stop. It’s been pretty great, actually. Except I’m working two jobs. See paragraph one.

I’m excited about this new season of our lives, but until the old season ends, Anything + Broccoli will be considered a success.

2 thoughts on “Anything + Broccoli

  1. Ranae

    Anything + broccoli night should include the (already prepped), grilled, garlic and rosemary grilled chicken breasts or the ham & honey mustard from Whole Foods because OMG, it is delish! (I like the grilled chicken b/c I don’t have a grill and I like grilled things and I bought the ham b/c yesterday was Easter and well, I just felt like you should eat ham on Easter).


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