Why I quit Pinterest

(and why I’m going back)

The last thing I pinned was a recipe for Quinoa Mac & Cheese. 36 weeks ago. I still haven’t made it. I also pinned a pair of DYI colorblock earrings, some wishful-thinking wall art, and a j.Crew elephant charm necklace. Adorbs.

I like clothes and jewelry and art and organization and curating life. Pinterest had become part of my daily blog-checking routine and I loved it.

But I struggled to know the difference, to feel and live the difference between helpful ideas and recipes, and thinking that an elephant charm necklace could actually make my life better. I was envious of women who had seemingly perfect meals and wardrobes and home decor and abs and folded fitted sheets and WOW, my newlywed life definitely didn’t look like that. I let it get to me, eat at me. I felt like a failure as a woman and new wife. So I quit.

It was, at the time, the best decision that I could have made for my marriage and my sanity. It was tough – I really loved Pinterest. But it was freeing.

36 weeks later, I am in a better place. My home and clothes and body still don’t look like that, and I can never seem to get dinner ready all at the same time, but I’ve learned I’m learning to be okay with that. I’ve also learned that there’s really not a better way for cataloging internet recipes that I want to try or keep track of. So I’m going to give it another chance. Give myself another chance, really. The New Year seems like a good time for a little grace for us all.

3 thoughts on “Why I quit Pinterest

  1. Mrs. E

    Oh, Anna! I understand. I come and go with Pinterest–but when I really need something, I always check to see if someone has pinned it. 🙂 You’re perfect just the way you are!


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