Hamburger costs how much?

Seriously, I am over the price of ground beef.  Just had to get that out there.

Meals we’ve eaten:  Bang bang shrimp, chicken & wild rice casserole, baked fish, and mozzarella sticks.  That last one was just me, when Chad was traveling for work.

Meals I still have groceries for:  Tater tot casserole (my last pound of ground beef in the freezer!), Indian butter chicken, Turkey harvest salad, black bean & rice soup, and BBQ pork.

That should get us through until Christmas, at which point I will eat food that other people cook.  Hello, Mom and Mother-in-Law.

Blogging about our meal plans has been kind of a pain, to be honest.  I do make meal plans for grocery shopping, but I seem to forget to blog about it.  So while the discipline of meal planning is a MUST for our grocery budget, I’m done blogging about it.

Happy eating.

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