September in review

I remember as a child, grown-up telling me that time moved faster the older you got.  True story.  Where the heck did all of September go?  And what in the world did we do all month, you ask?

We watched football.  GBR.  We played games with friends.  I made yummy cobbler.

Ranae came to visit.  Excellent.

We watched football.  We helped Terry celebrate passing his anesthesiology boards. Woot!  We ran the Mud Factor non-race messy muddy gross but awesome 5K.

We watched football.  We made the epic 14-hour road trip to Austin, Texas to celebrate Ben & Jamie’s wedding.  Ben is one of Chad’s best friends and was a groomsman in our wedding.  We drove far, ate lots of yummy food, window shopped in the fashion district, went to an olive oil and vinegar tasting bar!!, spent time with great friends, and then drove far again.  Team Wastell loves a road trip.  

And, this past week, Sarah & Josh came to visit with Daly & Miri.  Mom & Dad came up and we all went to see Grandma & Grandpa in South Dakota.  So much family time, so many giggles.  A really good way to end the month.  

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