Color Run

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, I have no idea how the pointing pictures started, but here we are again, all pointing and looking in different directions.

Shannon, Edie and Jackie came to Omaha for the color run.  We somehow ended up in the first heat, and were thankful for the short(er) wait time.  Baby Rocky got to run, too.  

Sonja (and Mark) stopped by during the wait, complete with matching outfits and awesome hair.  

Even thought I’ve been training, I decided that it would be way more fun to stick with my non-runner friends.  We ran, we walked, we danced through the color zones and had a ton of fun despite the heat.  The race isn’t even timed so it was super low-pressure.

Chad was waiting at the finish line.  He loves me despite my tragic post-run need for a headband.  Such grace.

Then the real fun began – the Color Throw.  

We looked awesome.  So awesome that we had to bust out the jazz hands.  Or something.

Found Sonja after the run, too!  

Even my shoes joined the fun.

Love us.

The rest of our weekend was filled with talking and laughter and margaritas (lemonade for the preggo) and laughter and Jesus and memories.  We’ve been friends for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS and our hearts know each other inside out.  Beautiful friends.

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