Luau 2012 – part 1

Our friend Jocelyn decided that she wanted to throw a luau. Complete with full-blown hog roast. Enter my husband and his awesome hog-connections. What followed was one of the most epic party-throwing extravaganzas ever. Kudos to Dr. Bailey!

Step 1: Order hog. Have said hog delivered to Chad’s office. Hog travels to Team Wastell’s house, store in deep freeze for a few days.

Step 2: Pass off hog to Jocelyn & Julie for transport & thawing in the world’s largest tackle box.

Steps 3-9: Have Terry make world’s most amazing marinade, borrow syringes and needles from a hospital, get a bunch of awesome friends together, string up pig from the Bailey’s balcony, (did I mention my husband was an Eagle Scout? He knows about knots.) shoot full of marinade (did I mention T is an anesthesiologist? He knows about needles.) Stay up way too late, have tons of fun.

Step 10: Jocelyn throws an epic luau. At which I got bit by a fish. But otherwise, such a good time. Thanks, guys! Many more pictures to follow.


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