Minnesota trip

Chad’s friend Ryah was getting married in St Paul, so we thought we’d plan a little weekend in the cities for a combo engagement-iversary / birthday celebration.  Then Chad’s car tried to die.  Again.  So instead of a relaxing fun-filled adventure exploring MSP plus a wedding, we instead had a not-quite-so-relaxing but still fun-filled adventure exploring small-town Minnesota while Chad’s car got fixed. Plus the wedding still.

We did get to see Cassy & Chad (first-cousins-once-removed of my Chad, but our age.  Chad’s family tree has lots of crossing-over generations) and Cassy’s parents (actually Chad’s cousins) since we stayed with them Friday night.  They’re tons of fun and always serve us really good food.  This time it was burgers the size of my head.  Also guacamole and monkey bread and fresh berries.

I actually took along my running shoes and did get a few miles in on Saturday morning.  It was humid and sticky, but I did it.

The wedding was really simple and really pretty. The ceremony was originally planned for a park outside but it was rainy, so it was held in the James Hill Reference Library along with the reception.  The bride and groom were gorgeous, the food was delicious, drinks were plentiful, there were secret (roped off) hallways to explore and the weather cleared up enough to take a walk in the night air. Excellent.

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