Lately I’ve been…


Popcorn in the microwave in a brown paper sack.  Bag.  Whichever.  Who knew, right?  1/3 cup popcorn kernals + optional splash of olive oil and salt go into a lunch sack.  Fold it over twice, staple once – yep, a staple can go in the microwave – and pop on your microwave’s regular popcorn setting.  Amazing and yummy and no weird chemical aftertaste like microwave popcorn usually has.  Love it.


Pioneer Woman’s salsa…and a LOT of it.  I finally made this salsa over the weekend and we’ve had it at nearly every meal since.  So good.  You should eat it too.


Iced coffee that I made myself.  I read a bunch of recipe/reviews online, then just decided to go for it.  A 1/2 pound of coffee + gallon of water spent the night in the refrigerator, then got strained through a tea towel.  I love my Starbucks but I love $2.49 in my pocket even more.


Hydrangeas in our backyard.  They don’t smell like much, honestly.  And I always assumed that a bush grew a single color of bloom, but that’s not the case with ours.  They make the yard feel so pretty.


New little sneakers from Old Navy that make my feet look like raccoons.  Hee.

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