Gone country

I grew up a town kid. That meant I walked to school instead of riding a bus, my house was the hang out of choice before a school dance and I wasn’t in 4-H or FFA. So even though Chapman is smack dab in the middle of wheat and milo fields and my South Dakota grandparents live on a farm, I really did not grow up learning very much actual information about farming and agriculture. Love a big open country sky? Yes. Enjoy a good rodeo and funnel cake at the fair? Yes. Listen to country music? Sometimes. Know anything about livestock? Absolutely not.

Then I married Chad. Chad, whose father has a PhD in Swine Nutrition. Chad, who studied engineering and economics at Northwestern University in Chicago, but returned home to join the family business. Chad, who spends his days at Gro Master, Inc. calculating complicated equations about how pigs grow and helping hog producers install equipment so their pigs get fed well and gain weight quickly. And I’ve learned a lot watching him work.

It’s all sort of boring and farm-nerdy, but I have learned. I’ve also learned how important it is to my husband that I understand this part of his world. So last week I used some vacation time to spend a day in Des Moines at the World Pork Expo. Not normally what I’d do for fun; I’ll be honest. But I really enjoy the people he works with and I love seeing work-Chad in action and getting to spend random extra time with him during the week.

The competition brought the bad marketing and bad uniforms.

Crystal Spring (Gro Master’s manufacturer/business partners/fishing buddies/BFFs) brought the ribs. Jonathan’s BBQ was out of this world.

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