Time away

I packed my bags and headed south.  Field after field, corn stretching to knee high already turned to amber wheat, heavy heads bowing in the wind.

My heart bowed too, as the fields and miles passed.  There’s beauty everywhere, but I see it so easily now in the colors and cattle and rolling hills on the drive to Kansas and I couldn’t not stop and take pictures.

Blue skies faded to dusk as I neared the lake house.  

The house became home for the next 36 hours as hearts found their way into rest, creation and time making space.  Old friendships reunited after miles and years apart.

14 years passed since we first studied the word together and learned what it meant to love Jesus and each other, grace and miracles knit into our young lives.

Our hours at the lake were filled with hugs and sunshine and laughter and stories of days far gone and marriage and children and death and God, love poured out in it all.   Secrets and joys were revealed, pain and hurts relived as tears fell.  27 years of marriage and 10 babies between the rest, plus my young love.  God’s been faithful.

There’s beauty in the roads we all travel and grace covers us still.

(Thanks to husbands & kiddos for allowing us the time away.)

5 thoughts on “Time away

  1. Heidi

    This brings me so much joy. Each of these ladies has poured into my life in one way or another. So blessed to have similar roots.

  2. Morgan

    ❤ Such a restorative and nourishing weekend. We'll make the effort to do it again, right?

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