Saturday, Parts 1-5

Mom sent me a text a while back saying that she missed me and wanted to find a time this spring to come up for a quick visit.  “Job, project, cooking, fun?” she said.

We took her up on it this weekend, all of it.  And Dad, too.

Mom and Dad drove up to Omaha Friday night after work and promptly went to bed in the bedroom in our garden-level basement with the fewest windows, thanks to the impending tornado-geddon.

Saturday morning we ate breakfast, then Mom and I headed outside, while Chad and Dad worked on indoor projects.  My parents are cheerful, hard workers, and we made a TON of progress around the house.

Things accomplished during Part 1 of the day:

  • Scary storage space under the front steps got cleaned out.  It looked like one of the former owners had moved an ex-girlfriend out in the middle of the night and left her stuff under the stairs, and she never came and fetched it.  Chad moved in almost 3 years ago, so who knows how long it’s been there.  Boxes of moldy clothing, a scrapbook of high school track articles, jewelry box, an empty purse, etc.  Sorry, Amber, whoever you are.  Thanks, Mom, for being braver than I am.
  • Raked/swept/bagged a year’s worth of pine needles off the driveway in front of our house and the mailbox.  The neighbors can take care of their own.
  • Various electrical projects including: fixing a light switch box in the kitchen, fixing a light fixture in the garage, re-attaching our garage door opener to the wall.

Part 2:  eat Lasagna for lunch.

Part 3 of the day: Back yard beautification including:

  • Raking, pruning, cutting branches, reshaping trees, asking the neighbor if we could cut the dead limbs off their tree that were hanging in our yard, sweeping the deck, washing windows, bagging leaves, etc.
  • Praying the rain would hold off a little longer.
  • Realizing how much I LOVE the Japanese maple in our yard.  Pretty.


Part 4 included:

  • Dusting and vacuuming and getting rid of cobwebs in all the weird nooks and crannies in our house.  There are a lot.
  • Moving my dresser to the guest bedroom upstairs – picture coming soon.
  • Hanging more art!  Our friend Sonja made us this WASTELL picture for our wedding and I love it.  Also, note the light switch that is NOT sticking awkwardly out of the wall anymore.  Thanks, Dad.

Part 5:  Then Chad and I went to Torchlight and Mom & Dad went and bought an iPad.

Woot!  Exhausting but really good Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Saturday, Parts 1-5

  1. Mom

    Oh, what fun we had!!!! Love working with you (even though I get the scary spider spaces and the very tall ladders!! Ha!)


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