Doritos Taco

I love Doritos.  Especially crunched up in taco salad.  Ranae taught me that. (Thanks, Chad).  So when Taco Bell introduced their Doritos Loco Taco, I knew I had to try it.

Friday was the day.  One Doritos taco and a Nachos Supreme, please.


Appearance:  The shell was REALLY orange.  I feel like Doritos are mostly yellow-corn chips with lots of fake orange cheese on them.  This shell was distinctly orange, plus the cheese on it.  It was a little disturbing, I’m not gonna lie.  Other than that, it looked like a normal Taco Bell taco.  Meat, ice burg lettuce, cheddar cheese, a good squirt of medium sauce…mmm.

Taste:  Delish.  Seriously.  The only thing that could have made it better, IMO, is if the inside of the shell had cheese on it too.  It was just on the outside, which I found a little odd.  But otherwise, it tasted exactly like I expected it to.

Other:  At $1.29, I felt like I was mostly paying for the marketing.  They have billboards EVERYWHERE and it can’t have cost that much more to make vs. a regular $.69 taco.   I don’t eat at Taco Bell very often, mostly ’cause Chad doesn’t love it like I do, so I doubt I’ll order one again.  But it was yummy and made me want to add taco salad to this week’s menu.

Thanks, Doritos.


One thought on “Doritos Taco

  1. sugarplumsarie

    Oh, Taco Bell. How I have missed you in the last 5 years. My husband also does not appreciate you like I do. I am not as much a Dorito fan, but the Baja Chalupa is a wonder to behold.


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