Back at it

After several weeks of overcommitments, Chad traveling for work, going to see Team Burton, Easter, Trader Joe’s disasters and eating who knows what, I’m back at the meal planning.  The refrigerator is filled with ingredients for:

Meatloaf & mashed potatoes
Southwest chicken pasta
Asian noodle salad
Tuscan white bean pasta
Baked sweet & sour chicken

I’m also back at the gym on a more-regular basis.  I was going 4 or 5 times a week pretty regularly for quite a while, then switched to one or two days due to nothing but sheer laziness on my part.  I have a tremendously hard time motivating myself to get out of bed when Chad isn’t home, and once I miss a day in the routine, it’s all downhill from there.  March really just wasn’t a good month for meal plans or gym faithfulness.  But April has been better…10 days in.  My goal is 3x per week.

I finished my February/March books with little fanfare.  Real Marriage and Financial Peace University were both good, although since we’re on a pretty good financial track right now and I’ve listened to Driscoll’s series messages, neither felt like super new information to me.  But I’m glad I got through them (I hate not finishing a book) and I’m glad I can add them to my list of books I’ve read.

I decided to go a little lighter for April and checked out a few books from our church library.  I love love loved the Christy Miller books when I was growing up, so I was super excited to find a newer series about Christy’s bestie, Katie.  There’s 3 books in the series and they pick up where the Christy books left off.  They’re super quick reads – I flew through the first one in 2 hours flat.  This will probably be a 3-book month for me, but I’m pretty sure 3 YA books = 1 grown up book.  Regardless, it’s been good to spend some time with old book friends lately.

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