This is my confession

I headed to Village Point after work last week to find a few new things for spring.  Suddenly it’s 8:30 PM and I haven’t eaten.  Time to be done shopping, just needed to grab some wine on my way home to have on hand for when Shannon came to visit.  A quick stop at TJ’s for some 2-Buck Chuck and a frozen Indian microwave meal for dinner (so yummy) and that’s it, I thought.


Peanut butter, two kinds of bagged salads, look! new salad dressing!, tortellini, almonds, dried cherries, marinara, oh – TJ’s has sweet chili sauce? and frozen fries? and $60 of groceries later…

Good thing it was near the end of the month, cause I totally blew out the rest of the grocery budget for March.

On another note, for the past few weeks, Chad has traveled, we went to North Carolina and ate my sister’s food, we’ve been eating random freezer meals, plus what I bought at Trader Joe’s.  Sweet Chili Chicken & Peppers & Pineapple over rice, burgers and fries, etc.

Let’s start fresh in April, shall we?

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