Team Wastell visits Team Burton

Chad and I got to go visit Sarah and Josh in Raleigh, NC.  Their second daughter, Miridian Claire, was born in February and I needed to see her. Also, Dalya Jean is 2 now, which demands a visit and some lovin’.

Trip recap, comin’ up next.  You should probably stop reading now if you don’t want to see a million pictures of Daly.

We flew through Midway so we could eat at Potbelly.  Obviously.

Here’s where Team Burton lives.  Josh planted pretty flowers.

Daly loves to play at the park nearby.

She loves her mommy and taking pictures but loves being silly more.

Little miss Miri slept the whole time.  She’s an awesome baby like that.

Daly loves her Uncle Chad.  And so do I.  So cute, right?

She loves to play outside.  

And taking walks to see the ducks.  And discussing the ducks with Uncle Chad.

Team Burton is better at taking family pictures than Team Wastell.

Miri just smiled and made faces and was generally her cute little self.

I taught Daly how to take self-portraits on my iPhone.  I’m a cool aunt.
At first she pretended to be shy.

But 3 seconds later…heh.

I also painted her nails.  She was rather excited.

And just one more for good measure.

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