Happy birthday, Mom.

“You can make any task fun” and “Every situation looks better after a good night’s sleep.”  If Jean Detrich has “mom-isms,” those are them.

But really, most of what I learned from my mom didn’t come from cute sayings or quotes on wall hangings.  I learned from my mom by watching her live in her own gentle way.

How to thread a needle.  The importance of spending time in prayer and scripture.  Every day.  That it’s okay sometimes to eat a can of Cheez Balls on your way home from the grocery store.  How to talk to Grandma on the phone and make dinner at the same time.  That good posture makes you look a little taller, a little thinner.  Plus, it’s good for your bones.  So is milk, even if you don’t like it.  Hospitality is important, but sometimes you need to tell the neighbor kids that it’s time to go home.  How when you’re sick, it’s nice to have a pot to bang on so you don’t have to holler from the couch every time you need something.  Also, it’s even nicer if that couch has a little comfy nest of cool, clean sheets and blankets to snuggle in to.  Marriage is hard work, and that a wife’s first love after God is her husband.  That it’s easier to keep a house clean if you just spend 10 minutes at the end of the day putting things away.  That a hug is just as important as a bandaid. (But let’s get that wound cleaned out.) Vegetables really do taste good.  How it can be easier to have big conversations while you’re doing something mundane, like washing/drying dishes.  That it’s okay to have veins in your hands, as long as those hands work hard and serve with love and care.  That the best beauty, unfading beauty, is that of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in the sight of the Lord.

I mean, just look at her.  Isn’t she beautiful?  

3 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Mom.

  1. Edie

    I love this post. Mostly because I love your mom and how I see her in you. 🙂 She taught me that even the worst heartbreaks can be talked out over a bowl of homemade popcorn and beneath a worn quilt with a girls’ best pals.

  2. Common Pater

    From one of my sweet girls, about another one of my sweet girls… and I do have several now, in three generations… how I love them all!


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