Women’s Day

March 2004:  Moscow, Russia.

I was sick, really sick.  My friends and beloved transport group TG Kwah were out adventuring and I was sick in bed, spending my day in a small room in a Moscow hostel.

I remember my bed being surprisingly, blessedly comfortable.  I spent the day sleeping on and off, with periodic visits from Vilma, one of the Study Abroad leaders, who brought me juice and fruit and medicine.

And then, at the end of the day, at the peak of my boredom and restlessness and wanting-to-feel-betterness, TG Kwah returned to the hostel, bringing souvenirs from their day to show off.  Leah shared her day with me through her (then unusual) digital camera and Mark and Nathan brought me flowers for Women’s Day.  They survived a day in Moscow and a trip on the Metro, a feat all in itself.

They were half frozen and smashed and just beautiful.

I haven’t celebrated Women’s Day since, but it holds a far away but fond place in my heart.

As do these crazy kids.  Good old TG Kwah, exhausted and travelworn.

Read more about my adventures in Russia here.

2 thoughts on “Women’s Day

  1. Jodi Friesen

    Oh yeah, Women’s Day….I haven’t celebrated that since Moscow either. While I was not a part of TG Kwah, I still appreciated that memory tonight. Thanks Anna!


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