Sunday Sunday

I gotta say, going to a different WalMart than normal is even more stressful than usual.  Don’t tell, but we were those people who abandoned the cart with three random items in it in the middle of cosmetics department.  Those bags of Whoppers eggs, water softener salt and eyeliner can make their own way back to the shelves.  We just had to get out of there.

Things I did accomplish on Sunday:

  • Successfully go to Walmart and buy groceries for: White Chicken Enchiladas, Black Bean and Lentil Soup, Wild Rice with Roasted Chicken and Carrots, Mediterranean Pasta with Spinach, Comfort Meatballs, Chicken Bacon Ranch, and Calzones.
  • Cook 10 lbs of chicken leg quarters in the crock pot, debone and shred the meat, and boil the bones to make stock.
  • Make / brown / bake / freeze 35 Comfort Meatballs
  • Start making a batch of my mom’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe, only to remember that I used some chocolate chips to make trail mix for Chad, and, ahem, ate some, so I only had enough to make a half batch.  Disappointing, but still yummy.
  • Catch up on Project 4:4 – up to date with not only the readings, but the Daily Accelerators and Tough Questions, too.
  • Catch up on Grey’s Anatomy and Glee. I do love Hulu.
  • I did not, however,  manage to put away all our clean laundry.  It is the bane of my existence.

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