Book club

I started 2012 with a goal of reading 12 books for pleasure or personal growth. Books I have to read for work don’t count. In January, I drank up The Help like a tall glass of lemonade. With a big splash of vodka in there for extra lovin’. Loved that book.

February didn’t go so well. I started Mark & Grace Driscoll’s Real Marriage but have only gotten about half way through. I loved his Song of Solomon series and was really challenged by a lot he had to say about sex and marriage, so I was looking forward to their new book. I think the content is probably as good as the sermon series was, but the writing style isn’t as engaging as I want it to be. It’s just not quite as enjoyable as I had hoped.

Also, at the encouragement of Shannon at the last hour of the month, I started Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Revisited. It’s quick and easy so I plan to get through it AND finish Real Marriage before April rolls around.

Stay tuned for results.

2 thoughts on “Book club

  1. skrueger03

    Can’t say enough great things about the Dave Ramsey plan. I know people kind of looked at us when we started like, “Hey weirdos, are you crazy?” but it was well worth it. Not to say we haven’t wavered and need to get back on track. But it works. And Dave makes you WANT to make it work. Good luck! 🙂

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