What’s for dinner?

The hardest part of this meal planning blogging challenge so far has been the blogging!  I actually do well with meal planning part and it has really helped us stay within our tight grocery budget.  However, it’s been too long since I’ve posted meal plans to really count as participating in my own blogging challenge.  Sorry about that.  I’ll work backwards with what we’ve been eating to catch up a bit.

Tonight, Italian drip beef roasty goodness.  Love my crockpot.  And yes, that is the roast’s official name, thank you.

Over the weekend, corn chowder with tiny grilled cheese sandwiches.  Really, very small – made with a TJ’s baguette.  Also, BBQ Chicken pizzas.  Yum.

Last week(s) – a Tuscan Linguine rip off recipe from Noodles & Co, some Greek pasta, Bang Bang shrimp (so good), some chicken apricot pasta stuff I made up that wasn’t very good, 84 kinds of super bowl snacks, quinoa with chicken, corn, and roasted red peppers – surprisingly very good and husband-friendly.

I’ve got Chili, roast tacos, a new tilapia recipe and frozen pizza on tap for the rest of the week.


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