Things you can freeze

Or rather, things I used to let go bad/grow mold/get stale in the refrigerator or cupboard, but now keep safe in the freezer for longer:

  • Leftover tomato paste or cream cheese from a recipe
  • Bread
  • Homemade cookies
  • Nuts
  • Avocados

Indeed, you can freeze avocados.  Thanks to Steph pinning a How To on Pinterest, I learned something new.  Amazing.  I love avocados.  Seriously, a bite of good ripe avocado with a little lime may just in fact be my favorite flavor.  Get in my tummy now!  Yum.

I decided I was into this experiment about $3 much, but since avocados were on sale at Aldi for just $.29 last week, I got 10.  Avocados + Sale = Extra Love.

But, they weren’t ripe.  No worries.  I just popped those babies in a paper bag for a day or two, checking each morning and afternoon and transferring the ripe ones to the refrigerator to wait.  Thanks for teaching me all sorts of kitchen tricks while I was growing up, Mom!

I had read mixed reviews about freezing whole or halved avocados, but since I usually make guacamole anyway, I decided to not quite puree the avocado as articles recommended, but I made a “rough mash,” about the consistency of guac.  I squirted in some lime to keep it from browning, then mixed it all up.  Then I forgot to take a picture until the bowl was empty.  But trust, I licked that bowl clean.

I divided it into 1/2 cup portions in individual sandwich bags, then popped them all into a quart size bag and tossed it in the freezer.  It made 6 little bags, I think – they were small avocados.  Also I might have eaten a lot along the way.  

I checked the next morning and the bags were frozen solid and showed no signs of browning, which I figure as a good sign.  I’m excited about pulling them out of the freezer and having fresh guacamole just a few chops of onion and jalapeno away.  Ole!

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